If your Siemens servo motor wears out or breaks down or in some other way develops a fault, for the past 33 years it could be sent to CNC Design for key service tasks to be undertaken.

Recently this has become more official, as CNC Design has been appointed “Approved Partner Industry Service” for Siemens servo motor service (Specifically Simotics S & M model servo motors up to Shaft height 160). This covers all of the servo motors that CNC Design New Zealand regularly sells into the NZ market, giving great peace of mind to our customers, and to Siemens servo motor owners in New Zealand in general.

Issues Repaired

The types of issues with servo motors that CNC Design regularly repairs are:

1. Replacing feedback systems (encoders or resolvers), with the critical point being re-aligning the encoder/resolver to the rotor for correct commutation of the motor.

2. Replacing power or encoder plugs, if they have been physically damaged. (e.g. fork lift hitting them)

3. Replacing the SMI (Sensor Module Interface), which is where the ‘Drive-CLIQ’ cable plugs into on the S120 Servo Motor system. This task involves loading the ‘electronic name plate’ for the motor into the newly replaced SMI, before the motor is re-deployed. This can be required either due to:

·        Physical damage such as point 2 above.

·        If there has been non-extra low voltage inadvertently put down the Drive-CLIQ cable into the SMI, damaging it.

4. Replacing the internal loom between the encoder and the SMI or traditional encoder plug.

5. Bearing replacement (This requires the encoder to be removed first)

6. Motor brake replacement.

7. Motor cooling fan replacement (for the few Siemens servo motors that have forced ventilation)

8. Motor testing, including load testing on our test rig if requested.

Replacement Servo Motors

If your servo motor has multiple failures, it may be more cost effective to replace it entirely. This has the added benefit of gaining a new warranty. CNC Design has optimised logistics channels to bring servo motors into the country as fast as possible. For a range of servo motors, expedited manufacture is available for a fee which puts your servo motor to the front of the queue in the factory (There are too many combinations and permutations of Siemens servo motors to hold them all in stock, so most are made to order).

Spare Servo Motors

If your machine is mission critical to your operation, please get in touch with CNC Design for us to work with you to advise on supplying you spare servo motors. This means if failure occurs, you can quickly fit the new motor in place and get running again immediately, while the former motor is repaired and returned to you to be a replacement backup motor.

Call CNC Design for all your servo motor, servo drive and motion control service and associated industrial automation equipment needs, to keep your plant running at its optimum efficiency and reliability.