Forestry industry and CNC Design

As an important part of the New Zealand economic landscape, the plantation forestry industry is a strong sector fuelled by demand from China and a national building boom.

The key challenges for the forestry industry lie within recovery, productivity, efficiency and safety. In other words to get more out of resources while optimising value, minimising waste and keeping people out of harm's way.

CNC Design meets the forestry industry's challenges

Extracting optimum value from every log or board is a key challenge in sawmills and board plants, along with speed, accuracy, safety and repeatability. You need robust and reliable machinery and industrial automation that is user-friendly and ensures a safe working environment for your staff.

With over 20 years of in-depth experience in the forestry industry, CNC Design understands the issues and challenges you are facing.  Our strategic partnerships with Staubli and Siemens means we can offer you the right solution to help you deliver on all your objectives.

Siemens automation equipment for the forestry industry

  • Industrial automation
  • Safety PLCs
  • Mindsphere – Siemens IoT (Internet of Things), cloud based data acquisition system and digitalisation technology
  • Hydraulic servo control; Control systems engineering and motion control for positioning hydraulic cylinders
  • Electric servo drive systems
  • Variable speed drives


Staubli robotics for the forestry industry

  • Staubli robots
  • Gudel gantry systems