NZ Food and Beverage industry and CNC Design


New Zealand has become a global leader in the dairy and meat industries, seen phenomenal growth in the wine industry, and become a major producer of fruit, vegetables and seafood. 

There are significant opportunities abroad for the NZ food and beverage industry to further capitalise on - Australia, ASEAN and China due to the Free Trade Agreements and geographical proximity.

NZ food and beverage manufacturing can take advantage of opportunities in robotic process automation and innovative industrial automation to create that competitive edge. 

CNC Design meets the food & beverage industry's challenges

With over 20 years’ experience in the F&B industry, CNC Design understands that while the specific needs of each sector are different, hygiene, safety, speed, washability, monitoring, reporting, service and support are common to most and key when choosing which automation technology to adopt. 

Industry sectors that involve the direct handling of protein such as  meat, fish and cheese need  industrial automation that is fast and reliable and manufacturing robots that can withstand frequent washing and harsh chemicals.  

With in-depth experience in the food and beverage industry, CNC Design understands the issues and challenges you are facing.  Our strategic partnerships with Staubli and Siemens means we can offer you the right solution to meet the productivity gains and hygienic conditions required in the food and beverage industry to help you deliver on all your objectives.

Our food and beverage customers

  • Milmeq
  • NZ Sugar
  • Lion Nathan
  • Frucor
  • Independent Liquor
  • Meat, fish and dairy processors in NZ and Australia
  • And many more

Complete automation solutions - what CNC Design can offer you

  • World leading industrial automation products and technologies
  • Robotic process automation
  • Expert design services, product selection, consulting, training,
  • Software development, testing and commissioning including PLC and robot programming
  • Spare parts
  • Repair and maintenance services

Siemens automation technology for the food and beverage industry

  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), HMIs, servo drives, variable speed drives
  • Operator panels with stainless steel fronts and IP67
  • Packaging line solutions
  • Servo motors with special coatings
  • Safety
  • Track and trace
  •  Mindsphere

Staubli robotic automation for the food industry

  • Food robots with unique washdown features that make them perfect for handling raw food where there is a high risk of bacterial contamination such as meat, fish and cheese.
  • Food robot features include pressurised enclosed arm with special caustic resistant coating, smooth surface finish, minimal retention areas, stainless steel wrist
  • Food grade oil is optional for all robots without comprising performance
  • In production plants where speed is important, Staubli robots are fastest in class

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