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Delivering robot and automation technology for the competitive edge

CNC Design knows the commitment and foresight it takes for you to become a leader in your industry.  Your business needs reliable, productive, cost effective automation technology and robotic process automation to realise a fast return on your investment, and CNC Design can provide you with that.

Automation – the key to your industry challenges

For over 30 years, CNC Design has been working tirelessly on automation with major NZ manufacturing, energy, forestry, food & beverage, and healthcare companies.  Utilising industrial automation and robotic technology, our control systems engineering can provide solutions to help you overcome industry challenges – leading automation technology that is efficient, energy saving and provides longevity to add true business value by lowering your production costs.

World class certified partnerships

For your new machine builds, upgrades and retrofits, CNC Design can provide you with global expertise with our long standing partnerships with Siemens, the world leader in automation technology with plc programming and digitisation and with Staubli, the global robotic arm and robot automation solutions provider.

Siemens Solution Partner

We are a certified Siemens solution partner. We consult, design, supply, programme, install, commission and support world class automation solutions using Siemens parts and technology.

Industrial Robots

Staubli robots are the Mercedes of industrial robots. Their special characteristics (fast, easy, clean) make them ideally suited to the food, healthcare and plastics industries.

Industry Experts