Industry 4.0 strategies facilitate the gathering of increasing quantities of data. This volume of data requires analysis if manufacturers intend to benefit their new found data resource. This analysis is done on the cloud or on-site. The problem with transferring data to the cloud is that it can be costly, turnaround time can be an issue, and many manufacturers have security concerns about their data safety.

Industrial edge devices provide a bridge between the connected devices in the factory and the cloud. While they can provide communication, storage, processing power and decision making, their significant advantage is the reduction in lag between the plant and the edge and perceived issues with security.

CNC Design sees industrial edge computing as a gateway to smart manufacturing. Customers who have concerns regarding the costs and perceived security issues which come with cloud computing can still benefit from the data analytics which industrial edge computing can provide. Advantages of higher response rates, reduced security issues, reduced operational costs and offloading of computing tasks, make the industrial edge a great solution.

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