New Zealanders are known throughout the world for their Number 8 wire approach to solving problems in an ingenious and resourceful manner, doing more than what is expected from very meagre resources. To compete in the global market, we could adopt new technologies and apply the same mindset, which will enable us to punch above our weight. Technology has now developed to a point where we are able to accumulate vast volumes of data at a competitive price, turning this data into value is the critical success factor that will set New Zealand companies up for success.

In cloud-based systems, secure communication connections and equipment is an essential part of the equation. Please contact CNC Design to discuss a tailored solution for your application.

Once the data is collected, there is an array of Number 8 wire, easy-to-use tools, that can be used for analyzing your production process and applying the ingenious solution which New Zealanders are known for. (Data analytics)

In addition to manual analysis of data, there are automatic tools which are able to diagnose the data, and will tell you if there are any trends emerging for product quality, or will assist you with the maintenance of equipment, before it breaks down and associated unplanned downtime. (Artificial Intelligence)

New Product developments and implementation of new production lines can be simulated in a virtual environment, before being implemented in a factory environment. (Simulations tools)