Staubli food robots are global market leaders in meat and cheese processing due to their unique hygienic design and ability to completely eliminate bacterial contamination risks.

The TP80 fast picker is the only truly clean picker robot around. It’s an extremely fast robot designed for handling small parts up to 1 kg in weight. It is particularly well-suited for packaging applications in the food industry. The familiar protective covers, essential for protecting standard industrial robot arms during frequent wash downs, are not required, thus eliminating a fertile breeding ground for microbes and the added cost of ongoing over- and under- cover inspections and replacements.

Some of the features that make the TP80 revolutionary in fast picker robots are; extremely fast with consistent repeatability across the entire work envelope, no limitation of camera view due to unique kinematics, minimal installation costs as no heavy overhead frame is required.

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TS2-40 HE

Max payload; 8.4kg
Reach; 460mm

Food Robot

Washdown Robot