SINAMICS V20 – The cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use converter for basic applications

Today, in an increasing number of applications in plant and machinery construction, individual automation and drive solutions are demanded that automate simple motion sequences with low associated requirements.

The compact SINAMICS V20, the basic performance converter, offers a simple and cost-effective drive solution for these types of applications. SINAMICS V20 sets itself apart with its quick commissioning times, ease of operation, robustness and cost-efficiency.

With eight frame sizes, it covers a power range extending from 0.12 kW to 30 kW (0.16 hp to 40 hp).

Minimizing costs

SINAMICS V20 keeps engineering and commissioning costs as well as those in operation as low as possible. To increase energy efficiency, the converter is equipped with a control technique to achieve optimum energy efficiency through automatic flux reduction. Not only this, it displays the actual energy consumption and has additional, integrated energy-saving functions. This allows energy consumption to be slashed drastically.

Easy to install
  • Push-through and wall mounting
    • Side-by-side mounting possible for both
    • Compact installation allows smaller cabinets to be used
    • Push-through mounting allows the cabinet to be cooled more easily
    • Frame sizes FSAA, FSAB and FSAC (230 V 1 AC) are significantly smaller compared to the previous frame sizes FSA and FSB within the same power range
  • Plug & Play
    • Can be run "out-of-the-box" without other options
    • Basic operator actions at a built-in BOP (Basic Operator Panel)
  • Connection of SINAMICS V20 with USS or Modbus RTU via terminals
    • Easy integration into existing systems
    • Easier commissioning through standard libraries and connection macros
    • Full flexibility of Modbus RTU settings widens communication with controller
    • Simple connection to a control system (e.g. SIMATIC S7 PLC via Modbus RTU/USS)
  • Integrated Braking Module
    • Converters ≥ 7.5 kW (frame sizes FSD and FSE) have an integrated Braking Module. In this case, the braking resistor can be directly connected. The dynamic energy is dissipated as heat in a braking resistor with an adjustable duty cycle of between 5 % and 100 %.
    • Possible to use dynamic braking to increase braking performance
  • EMC category C1
    • The devices are optionally available with an integrated RFI suppression filter, enabling compliance with the radio interference limit values laid out in IEC 61800‑3 category C1 when installed in the control cabinet in an EMC-compliant manner. Frame sizes FSAA, FSAB and FSAC therefore satisfy the radio interference requirements for industrial applications as well as for use in residential and business environments, including commercial applications such as refrigerated counters, fitness equipment, ventilation systems, industrial washing machines, etc.
Easy to use
  • Parameter settings can be easily transferred from one unit to another using the battery-operated parameter loader.
    • Less technical support required
    • Short commissioning time
    • The product is delivered to the customer already preset
  • Integrated connection and application macros
    To simplify I/O configuration and make the appropriate settings
    • Shorter commissioning time
    • Integrated and optimized application setting
    • Simple connection and application macros can be selected instead of configuring long, complicated parameter lists
    • Errors caused by wrong parameter settings can be avoided
  • Keep Running Mode allows uninterrupted operation
    This function provides higher productivity in production by automatic adaptation in the case of unstable line supplies
    • Stable operation under difficult line supply conditions
    • Higher productivity through prevention of interruptions to the production line
    • Adaptation to application-relevant reactions through flexible definition in case of faults/alarms
  • Wide voltage range, advanced cooling design and coated PCBs increase robustness of the drive in difficult environments
    • Operation possible when the line supply voltage fluctuates
    • Reliable operation at line voltages:
      200 V ... 240 V 1 AC (-15 %/+10 %) 1)
      380 V ... 480 V 3 AC (-15 %/+10 %)
    • Operating and ambient temperatures between -10 °C and +40 °C (max. +60 °C with derating)
  • Wireless commissioning, operation and diagnostics via mobile device or laptop thanks to the optional web server module SINAMICS V20 Smart Access
    • Enables easy access to the converter, even when it is installed in difficult-to-access areas
    • Simple operation thanks to intuitive user interface and commissioning wizard
    • Flexible choice of terminal devices as the web server works with every HTML5-compatible web browser
  • Expansion of the 400 V converters with two digital inputs and two digital outputs (relay outputs) thanks to optional SINAMICS V20 I/O Extension Module
    • Higher flexibility of the frequency converter without additional outlay for installation, hardware and software
    • Additional functionalities such as multi-pump control, with which up to four pumps can be controlled with a frequency converter
Easy to save money

Energy reduction during operation and standby

  • ECO mode for V/f, V2/f
    The integrated ECO mode for V/f, V2/f control automatically adapts the magnetic flux in the motor to save energy. The energy consumption can be shown in kWh, CO2 or even in the local currency.
    • Energy saving during low dynamic load cycles
    • Specifies the actual energy that has been saved
  • Hibernation mode
    Converter and motor are only activated when used by the plant or machine
    • Smart hibernation saves energy
    • Motor service life is extended
    • Reduced pump wear at low speed
    • Less time needed to program PLC code for pump/fan applications (PLC)
  • DC link coupling
    Applications that use SINAMICS V20 drives with the same power rating can share a common DC bus to reuse the regenerative energy
    • Generate and save energy in applications that use coupled motors
    • The converters can then optimally share the load mutually.
    • Reduce the need for dynamic braking and external components

Integrated energy flow monitoring

  • Energy consumption and savings are monitored without the need for power measurement equipment
    • Intuitive values of power consumption and savings without additional investments for measurement equipment
    • Values can be shown as kWh, CO2 or as a currency

Cost-savings for low-overload applications with SINAMICS V20 converters, frame size FSE

SINAMICS V20 frame size FSE converters feature two different load cycles:

  • Low overload (LO): 110 % × IL 2) for 60 s (cycle time: 300 s)
  • High overload (HO): 150 % × IH 3) for 60 s (cycle time: 300 s)

With the low-overload cycle, the converter can reach a higher output current and power.
A smaller converter can be used. Optimally designed for variable applications:

  • Low overload for applications with a low dynamic response (continuous duty)
  • High overload for applications with a high dynamic response (cyclic duty)
Complete motion control solutions from Siemens – SINAMICS V20 and SIMATIC

Siemens offers comprehensive solutions from a single source for general motion control applications with a selection of different SINAMICS application examples:

  • Ready-to-run application examples, including wiring diagrams, parameter descriptions
  • Sample configurations for connecting SINAMICS with SIMATIC, including hardware, software and wiring examples, installation instructions for the supplied S7 project, drive parameterization, and HMI sample projects
    • Correctly configured project, ready for operation
    • Optimal leveraging of TIA advantages

Pumping, Ventilating, Compressing

  • Centrifugal Pumps

  • Radial / Axial fans

  • Compressors


  • Conveyor belts

  • Roller conveyors

  • Chain conveyors

  • Moving walkway

  • Bucket conveyors


  • Single drives in the processing industry

  • Single drives in commercial installations

  • Main drives in machines with mechanical coupling