Robotic packages specially designed for the plastics industry

Staubli robots are among the fastest on the market for plastics applications, thus minimising molding machine idle time during loading and unloading operations. As a result, more parts can be produced in each shift thereby raising manufacturing productivity.

"Fastest on the market for plastics applications" means the arm is not just super fast, but that positioning is also highly repeatable, a combination which is very important for time critical machine tending applications. Staubli achieves this remarkable performance through the rigid arm structure, patented Staubli JCM gearing technology and exceptionally high servo motor acceleration and deceleration rates.


Very fast robot (especially important for IMM loading and unloading)

Repeatability (very important in the plastic applications)

Enclosed structure (IP65 and cleanroom ISO 5 in std)

Footprint (small)

Multiple mounting configurations (floor,wall, ceiling)

Rigid structure

Multi-turn Absolute Encoder

Compact design

Brushless motors (brakes on all axes)

JCM Staubli reducer (High quality, performance & reliability)

Easy operator setup and robot path programming

Plug and play Euromap interface box

Flexible mounting orientation; floor, wall, ceiling

Small foot print makes installation easier

Very fast accurate movements

Higher molder productivity through minimal time spent loading/unloading