Solution for Oil and Gas

SINAMICS G180 is the integration of the LOHER DYNAVERT T Series 7 drive system into the Siemens SINAMICS family of drives.

It leverages the experience that the Siemens Ruhstorf manufacturing location has accumulated and proven in over four decades of successful use in extremely demanding industries, for example, in the chemical and oil & gas industries.

Especially for drive applications in hazardous zones, LOHER Drives & Systems with the DYNAVERT T and its explosion-proof motors is recognized by customers in the specified industries as a reliable and competent partner and enjoys a high degree of esteem and recognition.

The new member of the SINAMICS family – the SINAMICS G180 – completely inherits this outstanding reputation.

For use in hazardous zones, SINAMICS G180 is the perfect drive solution, since a large number of industry-specific features are already integrated as standard in the system.

SINAMICS G180 is capable of fulfilling all requirements, from relatively straightforward applications such as pumps and fans, up to sophisticated drive solutions with outputs ranging from 2.2 to 6600 kW for applications such as centrifuges, presses, extruders or compressors.

ETO – Always the optimum solution (Engineered to Order)

In addition to a broad range of converters for single and group drives with standardized options, we can also supply complete drive systems which are individually customized such as, for example, converter transformer, converter and motor – "Engineered to Order (ETO)".

How does the customer benefit? We can create the required drive system quickly and systematically.

"Engineered to Order" includes all the essential components – motor, converter transformer, accessories for adapting the drive to challenging line supply conditions, degrees of protection up to IP55 or extremely long motor cables, as well as a variety of control and communication concepts – from the planning stage to production and documentation, commissioning and servicing – including and particularly for hazardous zones. Tailor-made solutions for the customer's application are worked out as early as the offer stage. All aspects of the drive are taken into account from the very beginning - from the coupling to the motor, the cabling, the converter, the line system conditions at the installation site and the supervisory control system interface.

ETO also provides documentation which is tailored to your requirements, including a description of the interfaces to the supervisory control system or other external systems.

Taking a structured and efficient approach, we apply our many years of motor manufacturing expertise to the design and adaptation of the SINAMICS G180 because product developments in the motor and converter fields are closely coordinated.

Preassignment of the SINAMICS G180 parameters at the factory speeds up commissioning significantly.

In addition to customized system designs, we offer a range of converter solutions based on standardized accessories packages which are now widely used in a very broad spectrum of industries.

The leading expert in the field of explosion-proof drives

LOHER Motors & Drives has been a leading supplier of explosion-proof drives since 1960 and has since built an excellent reputation around the world as a recognized expert in the field.

We are always 100 % reliable when it comes to designing the key explosion-proof features of drive systems. We examine every single element of the entire drive package.

Our frequency converters are specially designed for operation with explosion-proof motors and are certified for EEx n, EEx e and EEx d types of protection according to ATEX.

The motors are protected thermally by temperature sensors which are evaluated directly in the converter. The PTC thermistor input (with ATEX certification) on the converter makes any further accessories such as main contactor or PTC relay completely unnecessary.

  • The converters are exceptionally quiet and compact thanks to state-of-the-art IGBT power semiconductors and an innovative cooling concept.
  • The clock frequency is optimized to reduce system losses to a minimum.
  • The "random pattern" function significantly reduces motor noise.
  • Plant and system availability are increased by being able to quickly and simply replace power components.
  • Essential spare parts can be requested at any time for any individual converter by means of the "SparesOnWeb" Internet tool.
  • Optimized use of components reduces cabinet dimensions to a minimum.
  • Easy integration into automation solutions via analog and digital interfaces. Number of interfaces can also be expanded through installation of an optional peripheral board.
  • Data are transmitted over popular bus systems (PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP)
  • Fast, easy commissioning and parameterization using interactive menus on an operator panel with illuminated graphic LCD and plain-text display, or PC-supported using the IMS commissioning tool (Inverter Management Software).
  • The entire production process is required to meet stringent quality standards and subject to extensive controls, thereby ensuring a high degree of functional reliability during installation, commissioning and operation.

The SINAMICS G180 is especially suited to applications in industries such as the

  • chemical industry

  • oil and gas industry

  • power plant and utilities industries

  • plastics industry

  • process industry

  • primary industry

  • test bench systems

  • conveyor systems

and for general mechanical engineering applications.