The G110 is a Standard converter intended for basic applications

In terms of functionality, frequency converters from the SINAMICS G range are tailored to single drives that place moderate demands on the dynamic response of the control system. Here, they display all their technological strengths and offer an ideal price/performance ratio. Typical areas of application include pumps, fans, compressors, conveyor belts, mixers, mills and extruders.

SINAMICS G110 is a converter with basic functions for a wide range of industrial drive applications with variable speeds.

The extremely compact SINAMICS G110 converter operates with voltage-frequency control from 200 V to 240 V on single-phase line supply systems.

It is the ideal "price-conscious" converter solution in the lower power range of the SINAMICS product family.

The following line-side power components are available for SINAMICS G110 converters:

  • EMC filters
  • Line reactors
  • Fuses
  • Circuit breaker

The accessories listed below are also available:

  • Operator panel
  • Mounting accessories
  • Commissioning tool
  • Simple installation, configuration, and commissioning
  • Robust EMC design
  • Extensive parameter range enables configurations for a wide range of applications
  • Simple cable connection
  • Scalable functionality with analog and USS versions
  • Quiet motor operation as a result of the high pulse frequency
  • Status information and alarms via the optional BOP (Basic Operator Panel)
  • Rapid copying of parameters via the optional BOP
  • External options for PC communication and BOP
  • Fast response time of the digital inputs with a high degree of reproducibility for applications demanding fast responses
  • Precise setpoint input using a high-resolution 10-bit analog input (analog versions only)
  • LED for status information
  • Variants with integrated EMC filter class A or B
  • DIP switches for easy adaptation to 50 Hz or 60 Hz applications
  • DIP switches for simple bus termination for the USS version (RS485)
  • Bus-capable serial RS485 interface (USS versions only) enables integration into a networked drive system
  • 2/3-wire method (pulsed/maintained signals) for universal control via digital inputs
  • Adjustable lower voltage limit for the DC link to ensure controlled motor braking if the power fails