DC Master Drives

SINAMICS DC MASTER is the new generation of DC converters from Siemens. The name SINAMICS DC MASTER – briefly: SINAMICS DCM – embodies the strengths of this new generation. It combines the advantages of its predecessor SIMOREG DC-MASTER, with the advantages of the SINAMICS family.

When it comes to quality, reliability and functionality, SINAMICS DC MASTER is not only on par with its predecessor – but especially in the area of functionality – offers new features and includes useful functions from its predecessor as standard.

SINAMICS DC MASTER is the new member of the SINAMICS family that now makes many of the SINAMICS tools and components known from AC technology available to DC technology.

As a scalable drive system, the SINAMICS DC MASTER series of converters is convincing both for basic as well as demanding applications. The DC Converter is equipped with a Standard Control Unit (Standard CUD). The option of combining a Standard CUD and Advanced CUD is used to address applications demanding a higher computational performance and more interfaces.

The DC Converter of the SINAMICS DC MASTER series combines the open-loop and closed-loop control and power sections in one device. It especially sets itself apart as a result of the compact, space-saving design.

The AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel and the BOP20 Basic Operator Panel can be used for commissioning and local operation.

The interfaces of the CUD and the number of digital inputs and outputs can be supplemented using additional modules – such as the TM15, TM31 and TM150 Terminal Modules.

The components of a DC drive system and how these are logically interlinked are shown in the diagram under "The system components of a DC drive" - "Overview". A flow diagram is provided in the same section under "Engineering" to provide support when selecting and dimensioning the required components.


Ability to retrofit old technology

DC Drive retrofits