CPU 1215C, 14DI/10DO/2AI/2AO

The CPU 1215C compact CPU comes in 3 versions, DC/DC/DC, AC/DC/relay and DC/DC/relay. Profinet is standard with the ability to expand to other protocols like Profibus, AS-Interface and Modbus through additional communications modules.
I/O is expandable with 1 signal Board, Battery Board, or communications board
8 signal modules
Max 3 communications modules

  • 3 device versions with different power supply and control voltages.
  • Integrated power supply either as wide-range AC or DC power supply (85 ... 264 V AC or 24 V DC)
  • Integrated 24 V encoder/load current supply:
  • For direct connection of sensors and encoders. With a 400 mA output current, it can also be used as load power supply.
  • 14 integrated digital inputs 24 V DC (current sinking/current sourcing (IEC type 1 current sinking)).
  • 10 integrated digital outputs, either 24 V DC or relay.
  • 2 integrated analog inputs 0 ... 10 V.
  • 2 integrated analog outputs 0 ... 20 mA.
  • 4 pulse outputs (PTO) with a frequency of up to 100 kHz.
  • Pulse-width modulated outputs (PWM) with a frequency of up to 100 kHz.
  • 2 integrated Ethernet interfaces (TCP/IP native, ISO-on-TCP).
  • 6 fast counters (3 with max. 100 kHz; 3 with max. 30 kHz), with parameterizable enable and reset inputs, can be used simultaneously as up and down counters with 2 separate inputs or for connecting incremental encoders.
  • Expansion by additional communication interfaces, e.g. RS485 or RS232.
  • Expansion by analog or digital signals directly on the CPU via signal board (with retention of CPU mounting dimensions).
  • Expansion by a wide range of analog and digital input and output signals via signal modules.
  • Optional memory expansion (SIMATIC Memory Card).
  • PID controller with auto-tuning functionality.
  • Integral real-time clock.
  • Interrupt inputs:
    For extremely fast response to rising or falling edges of process signals.
  • Removable terminals on all modules.
  • Simulator (optional):
    For simulating the integrated inputs and for testing the user program.