Number of arms in this family; 8
Max payload; 1kg - 8.4kg
Reach; 200mm - 1000mm


Stäubli has developed a line of extremely powerful 4-axis robots designed to meet the most stringent requirements in fields such as the automotive, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics and electrical or electronics sectors. Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arms (SCARA) are useful in a variety of applications. They can carry out precise and repetitive tasks, such as loading/unloading, assembly, packaging/palletization, pick and place/handling, sorting, piling and spacing, at very high speeds.

  • Maximum load capacity; 1kg - 8.4kg
  • Reach at wrist; 200mm - 1000mm
  • Repeatability; ±0.01mm
  • Mounting orientation; Floor/Wall/Ceiling
  • Hygienic, washable design

Compact size, broad work envelopes, high speed, precision, ability to withstand all types of environments, and above all, the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of tasks.