Moving products and goods efficiently and quickly - that's what logistics is all about. Providers need to get products to their destination fast and reliably, while ensuring correct deliveries and low costs. Automation is key in this industry.

We understand your challenges

At CNC, we are aware that the speed and reliability of handling products and goods are important. You need fast machines that are user-friendly, reduce the  complexity of the handling process, minimise the opportunity for human errors and fit large storage capacities into small footprints.

Why work with CNC

CNC brings together innovative Staubli robotics and world-leading Siemens technologies. We have over 20 years of experience in automating handling and logistics processes - reducing health and safety issues for staff, increasing reliability, and speeding up loading and unloading.

Technology expertise

We have specialist technologies for robots, cranes, hoists, conveyors, sorters, storage and retrieval, safety and tracking via RFID and barcode. Our experience includes warehouse storage and retrieval systems, conveying, sorting, palletising and track and trace.

Successful projects

We have completed successful projects in the manufacturing, food and beverage and timber sectors.