Here, the key challenges are recovery, productivity, efficiency and safety. In other words: getting more out of your resources, while maximising throughput, minimising waste and keeping your people out of harm's way.

We understand your challenges

Extracting optimum value from every log or board is a key challenge in sawmills and board plants, along with speed, accuracy, safety and repeatability. You need robust and reliable machinery that is user-friendly and ensures a safe working environment for your staff.

Why work with CNC

With over 20 years of experience in the forestry industry in New Zealand, CNC offers unique solutions for machine centres in sawmills, board mills and frame and truss plants. We also provide machine upgrade services and support.

Technology expertise

We're specialists in cutting to size, cutting on the fly, routing, scanning and optimisation, bin sorting, linear sawing and optimising. Our areas of expertise include sawmills, board plants, and frame and truss plants.

Successful projects

We have completed successful projects for Juken Nissho, Nelson Pine Industries, Carter Holt Harvey and many others.