Food & Beverage Industry

From dairy and meat processing through to wine and beer bottling, the food and beverage industry is extremely diverse. Specific challenges vary, but hygiene, and health and safety are common concerns across the industry.

We understand your challenges

At CNC, we understand that hygiene, speed, washability, monitoring, reporting and safety are key. You need equipment that is fast and reliable, and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals.

Why work with CNC

We have experience in most segments, with projects ranging from upgrading machines through to building OEM systems. We offer advanced packaging solutions and our Staubli robots are hygienic, fully washable and fast - to help improve productivity and efficiency.

Technology Expertise

We have specialist technologies for robots, machine vision, pick and place, conveyor tracking (synchronisation), cutting to length, palletising, packaging, printing and safety. Our experience includes meat processing, dairy, wine, beer and liquor, baking, fruit and vegetables, cheese, powder packing, chocolate and confectionery, fruit juice and soft drinks.

Successful Projects

We have completed successful projects for Milmeq, Pernod Ricard, Chelsea Sugar, Independent Liquors, Frucor, GEA Avapac and Fonterra.