Electricity consumers are facing increasing energy costs and pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, which demands more efficient utilisation and increased generation from renewable energy sources. 

We understand your challenges

We understand that you need efficient generation technology that can operate in extreme conditions and environments, as well as technology that is highly reliable, cost-effective and can be controlled and monitored remotely.

Why work with CNC

At CNC, we’re able to leverage world-leading Siemens technologies and know-how to provide you with efficient and reliable solutions for energy generation. Our products include controls, generators, inverters, drives, servos, cabinets, HMIs, instruments and switchgear.

Technology expertise

We have specialist technologies for hydro, wind, wave and tidal electricity generation as well as technologies for improved energy efficiency in industry.

Successful projects

We are experienced in implementing energy-efficient technologies, and can provide technology and expertise for energy generation for rural utilities, farms and electric vehicles.